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Competitive Teams

Competitive soccer for those who want to play soccer at the next level. Teams are formed by age group through a try-out process. Some teams already exist and are looking for a few players to strengthen their team. Anyone is free to attend a try-out. No invitation is needed!

Competitive teams do play a regular season schedule. Ages U15 and older start their regular season in August and play through October. They then take time off for the high school soccer season. After the high school season, they start again for Regions Cup (competitive soccer tournament) in February. Ages U14 and younger start their season at the beginning of November and play through March.

During the off season, many teams continue to practice and attend a variety of tournaments through-out the state. Many even attend tournaments in other states. Many teams practice and train year-end. However, most take some time off after Regions Cup in March.

For more information contact John Withkowski @ 352-364-4545 or email comp@citrusunited.com

Guest Players: No hand written guest forms will be accepted by USA Soccer. You will need to contact Ann Withkowski to get the guest player form.


U12 Burns Rob Burns
U18/U19 David Sharder
U18/U19 Seidenstucker fishingstickman@gmail.com


U12 Hensley/Mondragon  mondragongolf@centurylink.net
U14 Cook jason-cook@hotmail.com
U16 Santinelli mikesantinelli@gmail.com
U19 Zacke craigdzacke@icloud.com
U18/19 Stone j.stone1980@me.com



HEAD REFEREE FOR COMPETITIVE GAMES - Tony Miele 727-992-3200  Tonymiele2@aol.com

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