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What is Recreational?

What does Recreational mean?

Recreational soccer is a soccer program primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high-level competition.

99% of the games are played at the Holden Park Facility in Inverness, FL. Team are in the Region C6 in the State of Florida. All teams have been drafted per SYSA Blind Draft and verified by an SYSA Board Member.

All players and their families are encouraged to provide a positive attitude, this is NOT a competitve league.



Sunshine Cup Rules

No Guest Players. Roster freeze is January 1, 2020
All Teams must have a copy of notorized medical release form turned in with roster at check in for each player. 

Club Requirements:
Each club shall submit a State/FYSA Roster for each team participating in Sunshine Cup. This roster shall be printed off the FYSA Website by a Club Official. The roster must include the teams code/name, coaching staff, and All Players Must Be Verified.

Coach and Player Requirements:
All coaches shall check in prior to their first game. Coaches will then sign their roster, recheck the field assignment, as well as pick up any mementos. All coaches are required to have laminated player passes.
All passes shall have a small full face recent photo.
Each player must play a minimum of at least one-half (50%) of each match. This is a recreational tournament and every player has the right to play. Failure by a coach to play a player the allotted time will result in the suspension of the coach prior, for at least one game and / or the forfeit of the game by his/her team.

A maximum of 3 team personnel allowed on the coaches side of the field.